Another USF Professor Copies Online Exam And Gives to Students

Another round of law school finals means that professor’s are likely to screw up somehow. Unfortunately this problem doesn’t escape USF Law either. Here’s what happened to student’s in the Trademark Class:

    • Student’ received a take home TM exam on the last day of class last week on April 26 and it was due on May 14th.
    • This morning, May 3rd, the Professor (to be unnamed at this point) sends the following email:

Class – Sorry for the confusion.  The new exam is attached.  The true/false questions have not changed, but there is a new essay.  Again, if you want a letter grade in the class, you must complete this replacement exam.  If, instead, you just want to receive “credit” for the class, without a grade, you need not complete it.  That said, if you opt for credit, please let the Registrar’s Office know that you have determined to take the credit rather than the letter grade. Everyone needs to return the original exam with his/her exam identification number written on it to the registrar’s office.  If you complete the replacement exam, you need not turn in a copy of it with your response, but please make sure that your response includes your exam identification number. Thanks!

  • Why would the professor want the original exam returned? Well apparently, he copied his final exam from the Cardozo Law School website, which has the full exam question and full answer available here: Trademark Final. WHOOPS!
  • Students then went to Registrar’s office which apparently was not notified of the change, which then had to go talk to the Dean, etc.
  • The End Result? Every student in the Trademarks class will now receive a Pass grade instead of a letter grade, unless they elect to take the new “replacement” exam that the professor just wrote. If they take the new exam, they can be eligible for a letter grade.

Why do students always suffer when the professor’s too lazy to write their own exam?

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One Response to “Another USF Professor Copies Online Exam And Gives to Students”

  1. Stavro B. Says:

    USF blows! The deans are giving us a new essay portion of the exam, but they’re keeing the original multiple choice. Too bad they’re just as f-ing lazy as the professor because some of the MC questions are repeats too! If the answers to those multiple choice questions are still floating around out there, I’d love to get my hands on them, since everyone else in the class prolly has them and won’t share. The link to the answers above doesn’t work anymore.

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