10 Things I Hate About Zief

  1. The fact that they clean the toilets in the middle of the day and always at the exact time you need to go.
  2. There is always someone sitting in “your” spot.
  3. Too Cold. It feels like I am in Minus 5 in Vegas without the alcohol.
  4. Card-Swiping. Seriously who else besides law school students want to spend their time in a law library.
  5. Downstairs. Used to a fan but the back stairwell amplifies anyone coming down the stairs tenfold. It’s terribly distracting and feels like I am in Jurassic Park.
  6. The lack of table manner etiquette. You can’t sit at the table if there is already someone there with their stuff poured out on half of the table
  7. The TV downstairs doesn’t have HD.
  8. The fact that you can only reserve a study room for a two hour block of time. What I can possibly get done in two hours in the library?
  9. Food & drinks are quarantined to the lower level.
  10. The complete lack of working dry erase markers in every single study room.

Take a tutorial if you need to brush up on your library etiquette.


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