Law School Spouse

Definition: Similar to a “work spouse.” Someone (generally of the opposite sex) from your law school whom you spend extended amounts of time with, have a beyond simple friendship special bond, and rely on for support. This person often knows more about you than other people and you commonly share inside secrets or jokes. Generally the relationship is flirty and may include sexual tension, but rarely crosses the line to include actual sexual acts.

May lead to jealousy from your actual real-life partner who doesn’t understand the depth of bonding law school leads to.

“Are you two dating?”
“No, that’s just my law school spouse.”

2 Responses to “Law School Spouse”

  1. […] During this week students post their current GPA as their Facebook status. Unfortunately this would not only create ultimate transparency in who is actually doing well in law school, but it would create an enormous amount of jealously and friction between students, especially those who are special enough to have a “law school spouse.” […]

  2. […] meaning to the word “smitten” now. Also Don’t forget to buy one for your “law school spouse” […]

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