Law Professor Quotes – Fall 2009


“It fell below community standards of morality, but it’s not below my tastes.” –Professor Freiwald 8.26.09

“I’m not a ho.” –Professor Freiwald 8.26.09

“Because JFK was a great president, even if he couldn’t keep it in his pants.” –Professor Freiwald 9.2.09

“Don’t get all legal on me.” –Professor Freiwald 9.22.09

“I don’t have to have a warrant to search the junk in your truck.” –Professor Freiwald 9.29.09

“Everyone having sex with everyone. Ask my colleagues.” –Professor Freiwald 10.8.09

“I don’t think Barack has ever worn a hooded sweatshirt.” –Professor Freiwald 10.15.09

“No no no! Keep your metaphor consistent.” –Professor Freiwald 10.15.09

“Public hairs and coke cans.” –Professor Freiwald 10.19.09

“Prepositioning her for… porn… type… maneuvers…” –Professor Freiwald 11.3.09

“Once you’ve given it up, it’s gone: The virgin-whore data theory.” –Professor Freiwald 11.5.09

“I’m trying to find a non-swear word… How about, ‘overly hyped’?” –Professor Freiwald 11.19.09


“Con Law points, redeemable in a future life.” – Professor Adler 8.25.09

“Who’s to say a bake sale is unconstitutional?” –Professor Adler 8.25.09

“Dude, you want to watch Cheech and Chong?” –Video store guy
“It’s not for me, its for my class.” –Professor Adler 9.15.09

“We’ll get rid of this deficit sooner or later because, you know, these children are appealing.” –Professor Adler 9.17.09

“So your porn-and-croissants business…” –Professor Adler 9.24.09

“Retarded individuals versus the world!” –Professor Adler 9.29.09

“So what high school programs do we cut? Lets cut band… No one even likes band.” –Professor Adler 10.6.09

“What is a penumbra? Is that a sexual term?” –Professor Adler 10.15.09

“Judges just want to have fun.” –Professor Adler 10.20.09

“He signed it during the first week of his pregnancy.” –Professor Adler
“You mean presidency?” –Class 10.20.09

“Imagine if you were Scalia…” –Student
“I often do!” –Professor Adler 11.10.09

“Let’s say I cut a CD: ‘Scalia uh uh, Breyer, uh uh’.” –Professor Adler 11.10.09

“So-and-so was ground in a hotel room with a sheep.” –Professor Adler 11.17.09

“One of you has an organization: Weed for the World. Let’s make it Andre.” –Professor Adler 11.17.09

“Intercourse the draft.” –Professor Adler 11.17.09

“I’d like to see one of those cops popped off.” –Professor Adler 11.17.09

“Prurient.” –Professor Adler
“Shouldn’t there be a cream for that?” –Chris 11.19.09

“Alright, let’s move onto the next topic. Indecent speech into religion, I thought that was a nice little transition.” –Professor Adler 11.19.09

“One person’s political view is another’s sexual gratification.” -??? 11.19.09

“Those of you who are sensitive can leave.” –Professor Adler 11.24.09

“It has to turn you on, but you have to be kind of disgusted with yourself.” –Professor Adler 11.24.09

“To be honest, I don’t have all that high expectations today.” –Professor Adler 12.1.09


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