You Know You’ve Started Law School Spring Semester When…

  1. Your life becomes disgustingly structured and your weekday is planned to the minute
  2. You forget how to make half of drinks that you had consumed over the break
  3. You wake up in the morning with highlighter marks on your face, legs, hands, and on your bedsheets
  4. You no longer take weekends for granted and vow to take advantage of every Friday and Saturday this semester
  5. Your hate for the bookstore and their prices on law school casebooks intensities
  6. Your usual 8-hour power sleep is reduced to 5-6 hours
  7. You start having law school dreams again
  8. The social life that you were nursing into existence during break has suddenly disappeared
  9. You join the rest of the world in having a case of the monday’s
  10. And finally… You begin to think about all the crimes  or potential lawsuits that take place on MTV’s Jersey Shore

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