Law School TFLN

(859): I just snorted a line of adderall through a rolled up business card for the Michigan Law Admissions Office…. Tell me I’m not motivated

(918): I told him to show me what he was made of and he came on my face. law students are so technical.

(214): Speaking of school, I’ve done the math and I get laid about 10 times more often than I did before I got my law degree. $100,000 well spent.

(970): totally poinked my lawyers daughter in his hot tub last night. i figure getting off is just compensation for not getting me off.

(214): She’s leaving for college so I made her a gift basket with all the essentials. You know- Ramen, a 12 pack of PBR, some leftover Plan B pills and a laminated business card for a good lawyer. Damn I’m a good big sister.


One Response to “Law School TFLN”

  1. dormrmtocourtrm Says:

    This post is hilarious. Very very true. Check out

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