MLSLIA: My Law School Life Is Average

Today, I learned in class that it is illegal to shower naked in Oregon. I feel like a rebel knowing that I break the law everyday. MLSLIA.

Today, I received back a paper that I spent hours writing. I noticed on the fourth page that my professor circled the word “fitty” (supposed to be fifty). In the margins, he wrote “This ain’t no gangsta schoo, Gee.” I’m in law school. MLSLIA.

Today, I realized i still don’t know my left from right. I make an L-shape with both hands to tell the difference. I am a 3L in law school. MLSLIA.

Today, I was at the law library in the deathly silent “quiet area” when the uncontrollable urge came over me to do a cartwheel. So, I channeled my best Nastia Liukin, went between two of the stacks and did one. As I returned to my study room, I walked past a student at a study table who quietly held up a sheet of paper with a giant ‘8.5’ written on it.  MLSLIA.

Today, I received a piece of candy from my teacher for having the best handwriting in my class. I’m 23 and in law school. MLSLIA.

Today, my Law School professor called on me in class to answer a question. I answered it. MLSLIA.


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