Hooray for Hearsay

At the end of each month this semester I will bring to you the best quotes uttered by USF students and professors alike during class. Check out this month’s quotes:

  • “I want to expose the ball, and kick it all over the place” – Prof. Leo
  • “Everyone loves Bruce”-  Prof. Leo  [reference to student’s alleged love for Professor Price]
  • “Don’t bring your dope, swallow it all or smoke it all before you come back” –  Prof. Leo
  • “Tiger and all his cubs” Prof. Franklyn  [reference to Tiger Woods and the women he has slept with]
  • “Commerce equals intercourse today” – Prof. Adler
  • “Things are poppin today at the Supreme Court.” – Prof. Adler
  • “Scalia being liberal and drag for everything involving a house” – Prof. Leo
  • “You have an expectation of privacy when you are an overnight guest, that no one will know you use Preparation-H” – Prof. Leo
  • “It’s like that mole in Austin powers, you just can’t stop looking at it” – Prof. Leo  [reference to a typo in his powerpoint]
  • “This whole federalism thing isn’t that sexy”  – Prof. Alder
  • “I thought he was going to make Atilla the Hun look like Jesse Jackson”  Prof. Beermann [reference towards being  apprehensive of meeting attorney Kenneth Starr]

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