Jersey Shore “Situation” Trademark Issues

There appears to be brewing legal battle over the proper owner of Mike Sorrentino’s popular phrase “The Situation” and wildly enough, the real situation is not involved.

There are two applications filed with the U.S. P&T Office. The first application is found HERE and was  filed by Vadio LLC run by Matthew Hunter on December 11th.  The second application is found HERE, and was filed by Naughty Limited, LLC on December 28th. The owner of that company is  Marc Sorrentino, Mike’s classy older brother.

Sounds like this situation is going to be indescribable. You can’t even describe the situation that you’re about to get into, the situation. More to come on this developing story as the situation unfolds. Shout out to Eli for this wonderful find!


2 Responses to “Jersey Shore “Situation” Trademark Issues”

  1. […] leave many law students creating half hearted attempts at trying to look like J-Woww or “The Situation” because of their lack of familiarity with the show or lack of time. Thus, leaving true JS […]

  2. […] has apparently followed in the footsteps of fellow Jersey Shore cast member, Mike Sorrentino, who filed for trademark protection for the mark “The Situation” earlier in the […]

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