Five Facebook Fads That Law Students Should Never Participate In…EVER

Given the recent phenomenon of Facebook fads, including 1) Sharing Your Bra Color, 2) Doppelganger Week, and  3) Urban Dictionary Names, I decided to create five possible Facebook fads, if created in the future, all law students should vehemently refrain from participating in because they would not only make life even more miserable for many of us, but also have have the potential to ruin both our already non-existent social life’s and our professional careers.


During this week students post their current GPA as their Facebook status. Unfortunately this would not only create ultimate transparency in determining who is actually doing well in law school, but it would create an enormous amount of jealously and friction between students, especially those who are special enough to have a “law school spouse” who did better than you.


During this week students post the police code of the worst crime that they have done regardless of whether or not they were apprehended by the police. While many law student would be able to understand such a language, participating in the fad would come with many potential unforeseeable consequences. Also, after this post, the California Bar Moral Character application just got a lot harder for many law students whose posts revealed that many law school students learn about the law in order to learn how to break it without being caught by the police.


During this week students simply post the name of someone that is currently annoying them at work, school, etc. I believe that this fad would create hysteria at law schools countrywide, as law school gunners were suddenly attacked and exposed faster than the balloon boy hoax, leaving classroom’s deathly silent and professor’s wondering why their go-to students are suddenly no longer speaking at a moment’s notice.


During this week students post the name of their favorite kama sutra sexual position. For example, post’s would simply state  “Canoe Canoodle”  or “Rock-a-Bye Booty“. This fad would unfortunately leave many law student’s unable to participate in the craze, while revealing that the girl who sits next to you in property enjoys the “Dirty Dangle“. This would seemingly be too much information for the average law student despite the interesting revelation.


During this week students transform themselves into a Jersey Shore cast members and post a picture of their new look as their profile picture. I’ve already violated this rule, but if it truly became a fad, it would leave many law students creating half hearted attempts at trying to look like J-Woww or “The Situation” because of their lack of familiarity with the show or lack of time. Thus, leaving true JS fans (such as myself) enraged at their lack of creativity and appreciation for the true awesomeness of the show.


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