The Need for Nostalgia

From Craigslist:

“I’m tired of the lame law school girls. Tired of 6s who act like they’re 9s just because there aren’t any 9s around. I’m tired of studying, tired of worrying, and tired of acting like an adult. I want to pretend I’m an undergrad again, go to a keg party, smoke a joint, get wasted, sleep in a cute girl’s bed, do the walk of shame, etc, etc. I want to hear about your sorority drama and all the other kinds of college goodness. Anyone out there interested? I’m tall, athletic, attractive, and hell I’m gonna be a lawyer soon.”

Unfortunately college life is gone no matter how much you drink or party. To analogize, law school is just a three year snooze button that one pushes after college so they can put off the real world.


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