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March Madness Professor Quotes!

Posted in Law, News on March 31, 2010 by George

Check out March’s  best quotes uttered by USF students and professors alike during class:

  • “If you want to go policy and have a mud wrestle we can do that”  – Prof. Alder
  • [Issue of Equal Protection and why Women can’t play on a Men’s basketball team]
  • “The porn adds something that is new” – Prof. Franklyn [discussion on derivative works within copyrighted works]
  • “Shouldn’t we just have stupid = unconstitutional” – Prof. Alder
  • Professor: “What’s a penumbra”
    • Student Response: “Isn’t it a type of contraceptive?”
  • “I don’t care, I am trying to watch the game” – Prof. Adler [regarding March Madness on during class]
  • “Do you read this as a constitutional right to have sex?” – Prof. Adler
  • “Is having sex is so much a core value that it can’t limited by the state” – Prof. Adler
  • “I more or less stopped paying attention 10 minutes ago, the urge to urinate has taken over my body” [This is ACTUAL Student response to a professor’s question!]
  • LinkedIn is like putting poor people together. What’s the point?” – [Student Response to Professor’s Inquiry as to whether the website is useful]
  • “There is no difference sitting on the beach waiting for tide to come in and trying to drown yourself.” – Prof. Adler

The California Governor’s Greatest Quotes

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Would You Rather…Law School Version!

Posted in Law, Random on March 28, 2010 by George

Would You Rather…

  • have sex with a current client or an old law school professor?
  • be reported to the California  Bar and lose your license or never win a case?
  • always end up arguing with the judge in court or always end up fighting with the other counsel in court?
  • never be able to write a brief correctly or always be a poor oral advocate?
  • always orgasm every time you read a case or every time you read a statute?
  • have to dictate every word you want to type or type everything yourself for your entire professional career?

Unfortunately, professors don’t teach law students the answers to these questions in professional responsibility or legal ethics class.

Col. Sanders, Jack, Ronald, Wendy & The King

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Download Song HERE

Mo’ Monopoly Money, Mo’ Problems

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It started as a routine traffic stop in a Wichita neighborhood Thursday evening. When police pulled over the car they found a 33-year-old man bleeding from the head and telling an unusual story. The victim said a couple of weeks ago he bought several hundred dollars of crack-cocaine with Monopoly money and now the dealer was ready for pay back.

“The man from whom he had bought the drugs was upset and invited him over to his house and upon arrival struck him in the head several times with a handgun and other people jumped into the fray,” said Gordon Bassham with the Wichita Police Department. The victim was able to get away and escape serious injury. At this point police say he’s being uncooperative. Despite the unusual circumstances, officers still want to arrest the attacker.

“That was not a get out-of-jail-free card,” Bassham said.

Drugs, assaults and Monopoly money never fail to amuse me.

Nuthin’ But A Law Journal Thang

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Enjoy the Music of the Month!

Listen Fail or Duct Tape Win?

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From the TC Palm:

A Port St. Lucie man accused in October 2008 of binding a woman’s hands and taping her mouth shut “so she would listen,” was sentenced Thursday to 90 days in the St. Lucie County Jail, a year of community control and a year of probation.

Kevin John Franco, 34, pleaded no contest in February to charges of felony false imprisonment, misdemeanor battery and tampering with a witness. In levying the sentence, Circuit Judge Dan Vaughn gave Franco credit for 31 days he’s already spent in jail.

According to an arrest affidavit, the woman said she was sleeping in her bed when she woke up to find Franco on top of her, binding her hands with heavy-duty plastic ties and putting duct tape on her mouth.“Yes, I tied her hands and I taped her mouth closed,” the report states Franco told officers, “but only so she would listen.”

I wish I could use duct tape to shut up other students sometimes when they ask ridiculous questions or act like gunners. Happy Friday!