1L LRW Status Updates

Here are some of my favorite Facebook and Gchat status updates from 1L students currently suffering from LRW finals:

  • I’m already hating this.
  • Let’s just fast forward to Friday 4pm please.
  • Legal Writing Final this week… Bring on the coffee, cookies and chips.
  • LRW final all week then MIA
  • Over this!
  • This paper pretty much writes itself
  • I miss the simple days when we were given a perfect little packet of all the cases and statutes we needed to write a memo.
  • Hanging from a noose made out of lexisnexis printouts
  • law law land
  • Watching terrible tv after a long day in the library. this terrible tv is so amazing right now.
  • Why did I just put sunscreen on my face? I mean, I know I wear it every day, but during the LRW final? really? I’m pretty confident I won’t be getting any sun in the library.
  • Did i really just say i was having fun? no. it can’t be.
  • My relationship with LRW is like this: VIDEO
  • 3 coffees… 2 no doz… a 5 hour energy… now a green tea with 3 honeys… Come on ticker, stay with me
  • Keep on keepin on…

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