highDEAS Explantion of Punctuation and Words


I’ve recently become a fan of highDEAS, a website that is dedicated to users who do just that, post ideas while they are high. Needless to say, I’ve found some pretty awesome ideas that would be applicable to a legal citation explanation manual for words and punctuation while you are high. Check them out below:

  • A question mark is just an exclamation mark thats all bent outta shape, so once the question is answered, it gets excited ? –>
  • The word OK looks like a sideways person. I’ve said OK my whole life and never noticed him. What’s up little guy?
  • Anybody notice that the word bed looks like a bed?
  • “ten letters” is ten letters, and this is ten words.
  • if pro is the opposite of con. then is congress the opposite of progress?
  • SWIMS = SWIMS upside down.

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