Law School Spring Break Dos and Dont’s

DO NOT get arrested. Spring break is a time to have fun and let loose, but you can have fun and let loose without doing anything illegal. To help keep your activities legal, think about reporting your arrest on the California Moral Character Determination Application. Say goodbye to becoming an attorney!

DO NOT wear a “wife beater” on the beach (or anywhere else for that matter). Those cheap Target tanks are only suitable for one thing: to be worn under another shirt. Never should you ever think you look like a stud walking down the beach with that thing on (unless of course, your name is “The Situation” and you’re dating a girl named “Snooki”).

DO keep safety first. Think Torts!  As boring as it is to think about, it is something that has to be remembered (if only to keep in the back of your mind). If you’re driving to your spring break destination, be sure to have your car checked to make sure it can go the distance without any trouble.

DO bring props, fun items, candy, crazy hats, outfits and anything else that’s bound to get you attention and ultimately create a fun and festive atmosphere.   I recommend the Shot Bong! It’s always a hit – especially around the pool.

DO NOT have sex in the sand! It’ll be like having sex with sandpaper.  Probably not the sensation you would enjoy.  Also, it’ll be extremely hard to wash the sand out of all your um, nooks and crannies. Also count on everyone in your section learning about this incident within a week max.

DO NOT have sex in a hot tub. The chemicals found in hot tubs can cause infections and might cause infertility problems later in life and can burn your uh, most personal spots

DO NOT sunbathe in the nude. First of all it’s illegal in a lot of places and secondly there’s just certain places on the body that just don’t need to be suntanned. That being said, when you are out in the sun (and if you are lucky enough to be on a nude beach) make sure to put on plenty of sunscreen. Remember, there’s just nothing worse than being away on vacation and feeling the burn in some uh, uncomfortable places.

DON’T forget the sunscreen, you don’t want to come back for moot court with a nasty sunburn!

DO NOT do anything that you wouldn’t normally do back on your law school campus. You may feel that spring break is a time to toss all inhibitions out the window on the plane ride down to Cancun , but just because you’re in a different area code or country, doesn’t mean you should lower your standards. (Is earning a free t-shirt from “Guys Gone Wild“ really worth it??) Also, remember that a mistake made can still haunt your legal future, like having unprotected sex. So don’t forget the protection!

DO drink to excess. You need to train yourself for life as an attorney. What better place than spring break to learn how to drink constantly! However, they weren’t joking when they say, “one tequila, two tequila, three tequila – floor.”  And if you decide that you are going to go overboard one night, at least drink quality tequila.

DO get proper training from experts before taking part in athletic or skilled activities like surfing, water-skiing, and scuba diving.

And Lastly DO NOT outline. You only get to be a law school student once so enjoy it while you can.


2 Responses to “Law School Spring Break Dos and Dont’s”

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