Law School Students Celebrate the ‘Trenta’!

From Reuters:

Starbucks Corp responding to customer demand for larger cold beverages, is selling 31-ounce (916.8 ml) iced teas and iced coffees in Phoenix and Tampa as part of a limited market test, the coffee chain said on Tuesday. The move from the world’s biggest coffee chain comes as some McDonald’s restaurants around the United States continue to offer 32-ounce (946.4 ml) sweet tea for $1 in a bid to draw customers to stores. Such large drink sizes are particularly popular in warm climates in the southern United States, where convenience stores do brisk business selling drinks in even larger containers. Starbucks has dubbed the new 31-ounce size “Trenta” and sells iced coffee in that larger cup for $3.30. The “Trenta” iced tea sells for $2.60.

Now law school students only have to go to Starbucks once a day to get their caffeine fix. And while I don’t drink ’31 ounces of coffee a day, I know my roommate is dying to purchase this new size of coffee so he can have something to sip on throughout the day.


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