March Madness Professor Quotes!

Check out March’s  best quotes uttered by USF students and professors alike during class:

  • “If you want to go policy and have a mud wrestle we can do that”  – Prof. Alder
  • [Issue of Equal Protection and why Women can’t play on a Men’s basketball team]
  • “The porn adds something that is new” – Prof. Franklyn [discussion on derivative works within copyrighted works]
  • “Shouldn’t we just have stupid = unconstitutional” – Prof. Alder
  • Professor: “What’s a penumbra”
    • Student Response: “Isn’t it a type of contraceptive?”
  • “I don’t care, I am trying to watch the game” – Prof. Adler [regarding March Madness on during class]
  • “Do you read this as a constitutional right to have sex?” – Prof. Adler
  • “Is having sex is so much a core value that it can’t limited by the state” – Prof. Adler
  • “I more or less stopped paying attention 10 minutes ago, the urge to urinate has taken over my body” [This is ACTUAL Student response to a professor’s question!]
  • LinkedIn is like putting poor people together. What’s the point?” – [Student Response to Professor’s Inquiry as to whether the website is useful]
  • “There is no difference sitting on the beach waiting for tide to come in and trying to drown yourself.” – Prof. Adler

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