Judge Sues After Being Outed for Commenting Online about Cases Pending in her Court.

It seems Judges just keep getting into trouble with this silly thing called the internet.  This story follows last years ruling in Florida which stated that judges and attorneys can not be linked as friends via facebook.  Now apparently, they can not comment publicly on the cases being tried in front of them either. Its all about fairness and appearing impartial and while this Judge may have posted her comments under her alias “Lawmiss,” someone who works for the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Web site got nosey and discovered a link to the Judge’s personal AOL account.  The chatty “Lawmiss” has made over 80 comments on that site including comments about a current defendant in her courtroom, Anthony Sowell, who’s suspected of killing 11 women.

The presiding Judge Saffold admits to posting as “Lawmiss” sometimes but claims she shares the email address with her 23 year old daughter who is responsible for the inappropriate comments relating to her on going cases– riiiight, I tend to share a username with my mom and then make comments online pertaining to her work …not likely.
It gets better though, Judge Saffold is now suing the publication for 50 million dollars for violating her privacy rights and revealing her identity.  Check out the story HERE for a real hodgepodge of criminal defense, free speech and online privacy issues.

Shout out to EMB for the story.


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