25 Law School Student Partying Rules

  • Rule #1: Never leave a fellow law student behind. Law School student take care of their own.
  • Rule #2: Never use your real name.
  • Rule #3: Never let a girl come between you and a fellow law school student.
  • Rule #4: No one goes home alone.
  • Rule #5: Research, research, research the party. And when you are done researching, research some more.
  • Rule #6: Do not sit in the corner and sulk. It draws attention in a negative way. Draw attention to yourself, but on your own terms & conditions.
  • Rule #7: Don’t look for opportunities; make them.
  • Rule #8: Be the life of the party.
  • Rule #9: When it stops being fun, break something.
  • Rule #10:When your law school wingman fails, you fail. No man is an island.
  • Rule #11: You understand she heard that but that’s not what you meant.
  • Rule #12: Always pull out in time.
  • Rule #13: Shoes say a lot about the man.
  • Rule #14: Don’t over drink. The machinery must work in order to close.
  • Rule #15: Fight the urge to tell the truth.
  • Rule #16: Always be a team player. Everyone needs a little help now and again.
  • Rule #17: Two shutouts in a row? It’s time to take a week off. Ask yourself: what is it that is getting in the way of my happiness?
  • Rule #18: Never go back to your place.
  • Rule #19: If you call an audible, always make sure your fellow Crashers know.
  • Rule #20: The older the better, the younger the better (see Rule below)
  • Rule #21: Definitely make sure she’s 18.
  • Rule #22: Always have an early “appointment” the next morning.
  • Rule #23: There’s nothing wrong with having seconds. Provided there’s enough women to go around.
  • Rule #24: If you get outed from a bar, leave calmly. Do not run.
  • Rule #25:  No excuses. Play like a champion.

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