Paying to Work in the Summer at USF Law

USF Law’s current policy for summer internship program is that you must submit an internship application and have it approved by the school administration. However,  this requires us to pay summer school units. Many internship opportunities ONLY allow student’s to participate in the program if they can receive units for the internship. This presents an obvious problem for student’s already knee deep in debt. Do you take the internship and pay from 4K to 6K to receive units that you don’t necessarily need to graudate OR do you try to find another job that might pay or allow you to take the program without units?

USF’s Official Policy

  • They require students to pay units because it is part of an ABA regulation that requires them to bill students. If you know where that regulation is on the ABA website, please let me know.

Other School’s Official Policy’s

  • USC, LMU, and Southwestern ALL allow their student internship fee to be applied in the fall. Thus, reduced the amount of classes that students can take in the fall and allowing them to pursue job opportunities without the burden of another couple thousand dollars for just a few months of working.

More details to emerge after further  investigation…


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