The Washington Post reports:

A rolling marijuana dispensary has hit a bump in the road after seven months of selling chocolate-covered cookies, brownies, pretzels and other marijuana-laced items outside a clinic.The Riverside County city of Norco has asked a court to permanently shut down the Lakeview Collective-on-Wheels, a 1985 Pace Arrow motor home outfitted with display cases.

Stewart Hauptman and his wife, Helen Cherry, say their collective complies with state law and attracts people with walkers and wheelchairs who use marijuana for medical reasons.Authorities disagree and have shut down the motor home pending a June 1 Superior Court hearing on its fate.

“We don’t perceive what they do as a collective,” said John Harper, an attorney representing the city. “They sell marijuana out of a van. We’ve seen people, generally speaking, between the ages of 18 and 25 who appear to be in good health lined up outside there to buy marijuana.” Despite a state law allowing for medical marijuana, Norco bans pot dispensaries and has cited the couple several times. Last week, the city of 27,000 asked a court for an injunction to permanently shut down the business.

Meanwhile, Cherry and Hauptman are still making home deliveries in a truck until the matter is resolved.

Seems like something out of a movie, yet I have no doubt that they thought of the idea to sell marijuana from a van while high.

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