Final Quotes for Spring Semester 2010

Check out April’s  best quotes uttered by USF students and professors alike during class:

  • “You think you know me, but you don’t” – Prof. Adler
  • Montejo clears the conscience…like a drink after a long hard day.” – Prof. Leo
  • “Isn’t this all just totally stupid?” – Prof. Leo
  • “Suppose we are representing McLovin now, can we distinguish the Bong Hits 4 Jesus case?”
  • Hey come have a toke, or whatever they say now” – Prof. Adler
  • “Selvin’s face is annoying” – Prof. Alder
  • Hashish and bondage for all” – Prof.Alder
  • “Goddamit, I want a lawyer” – Prof. Leo
  • “Forget your middle class civilizations..” – Prof. Leo
  • “And sometimes professors are stupid, I don’t’ want to offend anyone” – Prof Leo
  • “If you don’t respect, so it goes” – Prof. Alder
  • “Do u really think a G-strong is going to save the universe” – Prof. Alder
  • “It doesn’t drive your mind, it drives your genitals” – Prof. Adler
  • “I think that the F word is beautiful” – Student (Responding to a question regarding the constitutionality of obscenities)
  • “It is only minor surgery, so the drugs are going to be  that good.” – Prof. Leo

Check out of the rest of the spring semester here:


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