Law School Study Habits Defined

How to define some of your fellow law students study habits:

  • Study Whore: A female law student who engages excessively in studying with her male classmates.  She promiscuously chooses her study partners and frequently switches them throughout the course of the semester.  As a result of this she usually scores pretty high on the final exam, as the study whore is strategic in her studying endeavors and optimizes the return for her study hours by only studying with the top students in her class.

    • Law Student 1: “Oh dam, I didnt know Lisa and Ken were in the same study group.”
    • Law Student 2:  “They aren’t, Lisa’s just a study whore.
  • Study Pimp: A male law student who engages in indiscriminate studying behaviors with multiple female students at one time.  Generally, this is done to get the edge on his classmates as a talented study pimp will select the smartest females in his class.  He usually does not come prepared to study sessions and relies on the females for outlines and notes.

    • Law Student 1: “Mike, I heard a rumor that you might have a little girlfriend?
    • Law School Pimp:  “I got lots of girlfriends. Sally’s just my bottom bitch.”
  • Study Slut: A desperate law student who will study with anyone who will have them.  Can be male or female.  This student will usually send out mass messages seeking a study partner via TWEN or Facebook and will typically offer to host the study session at their house or apt.  The study slut will usually offer their potential partner something extra for studying with them, such as rides or free lunch and even occasional back door access to outlines or tutoring sessions.

    • Law Student: “Wow, did u see the feast Kristin brought for Joe?  That girl is such a study slut she’d do anything for a little attention.

Much thanks to EMB for the definitions.


One Response to “Law School Study Habits Defined”

  1. Mrs. Beazer Says:

    These descriptions are not narrowly tailored enough to pass strict scrutiny, Mr. Blogmaster. As such, they are invalid and should be stricken from cyberspace. Thank you very much.


    Mrs. Beazer

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