2010 Party Law School Rankings

In case you were looking for a place to party and become a lawyer, this list complied by SubtleDig should help! Check out the new 2010 Party Law School Rankings! I was impressed with USF’s notable jump to No. 43 on the party list from its previous spot as No. 98 in US News Rankings. Does that mean we are twice as good as partying as compared our studying? I think so!


2 Responses to “2010 Party Law School Rankings”

  1. Dude 2129 is totally responsible for this!!!! hahaha LOVE IT!! 🙂
    U and ur parties are fabulous, and so is our school!!! Hooray! Lucky us!

  2. Bullshit. Pepperdine is 19th with a dry campus and students being reprimanded for alcohol in their dorm rooms. I call shenanigans.

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