10 Ways to Annoy your Classmates During Law School Final Exams

10.  By all means, clear your throat.  Hack, cough, make sure you are as disgusting as possible.

9.  Chew a big wad of gum and don’t forget to smack your lips.

8.  Trip people as they walk by your desk before the exam.   This will put them in a great mood for test taking.

7.  Before the exam say condescending things to your classmates who look worried or who may be going over last minute notes.

6. Bring in as many things as possible to the testing room.  Even though it’s a 3 hour exam why should you go with out food, water, pictures of your pet and significant other, an idol to obnoxiously pray too, and a pillow to keep you comfortable.

5.  Before the exam make sure to load up on high fiber and starchy foods, this will help you to pass gas throughout the entire exam.

4.  Read your entire exam aloud and don’t forget to sigh, hmm, and say “ah ha!”

3. Sit in the middle of the row and get up to use the restroom several times during the exam.  Be sure to hit peoples chairs each time as you make your way back and forth.

2. Don’t shower before the exam.  Everyone will love smelling your filth as they are trying to get through the fact pattern.

1.  Turn in your test 30 minutes early and as your walking out comment on how easy it was.

Bonus:  Eat, chew, munch!  Sure you could eat before or after the exam but your aim is to be annoying and inconsiderate here.  Make sure your food has noisy packaging too, its completely unnecessary and will accomplish your goal well.


One Response to “10 Ways to Annoy your Classmates During Law School Final Exams”

  1. ooh, make sure you type so furiously quickly that the entire table shakes. that’s my favorite.

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