Guide to Icing Law School Students

If you are unfamiliar with icing someone, you likely are in law school or out of college. However, given law school students propensity for alcohol, I have a feeling that icing will soon sweep across the law schools of the United States faster than news of Elena Kagan’s confirmation. It has already caught fire in college communities nationwide and the professional world(including Goldman Sachs), graduate schools will surely feel the squeeze to participate. I have written the rules in an earlier post, but here is a summary:


  1. You cannot refuse an ice. If you refuse to drink the ice you are instantly excommunicated and shunned and thus cannot ever ice another person or be iced.
  2. If you are iced by another person, you can “Ice Block.” When presented with an Ice, you pull out an ice of your own and reverse the ice to the other  person. They drink both. The ultimate ice insult.

Below is my guide for finding ways to ice a fellow law school student.


  • Always carry an ice with you when on campus. A savy law school student will always be ready to ice block. (As if law students don’t have enough to worry about)
  • If properly iced, don’t be ashamed to take a knee and chug even if you are iced on campus. While you are likely breaking law school policy by drinking on campus, this just means you need to chug faster.
  • Great Ideas for Icing Law Student
    • The Law School Library: There are several great spots within a law school library to ice a fellow student. Discretely hide  an ice in their go-to study spot 5 minutes before they arrive. Or if you are feeling a bit more investigative, find out which study room they will be going before a test and find a way to put an ice for your friend or even a whole cooler of them if you want to ice the whole study group. They will surely appreciate a good ice before cracking the books. DISCLAIMER: If you decide to  ice the whole group, make sure they aren’t carrying their ice’s with them, because that would be awful to get ice blocked by several people.
    • In the Law School hallway: Nothing worse than icing a student in the middle of the hallway during the school day. They may hate your for a week or two, and you might have an ice bulls-eye on your back for a while, but nothing will beat this harsh form of embarrassment.
    • At Bar Night: Spice up those weekly bar nights and ice all of your friends at bar night/bar review. A nice prank is to show up early at the bar with an ice and give it to the bartender and have the bartender give the ice to your friend the ice after they order their drinks.
    • Right After Class: Icing after class might be welcomed by your other law  students due to the boring/confusing nature of your class. For a special treat, ice the person who was called on throughout the class to brighten their day.

These are just a few of ideas that I came up with. Feel free to add your own contribution and keep up the icing!


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