NCAA Places USF Basketball Program On Two-Year Probation


The NCAA placed the University of San Francisco on probation for two years on Thursday after more than a dozen athletes spent more than $13,000 in scholarship money to improperly buy textbooks. The school will be on probation until June 2012, but the NCAA decided against a harsher penalty such as a postseason ban.

The NCAA agreed with the school’s decision to drop a men’s basketball scholarship in 2008-09 and said nearly $28,000 must be donated to charity — an amount that reflects twice the total of the money spent on the textbooks.

My 2 cents. The  NCAA was likely lenient because they know our team cannot make it to the postseason and in the rare event a miracle does occur, they don’t want to ruin the Cinderella story. Also, Textbook violation?! Really, USF. Really. USC hands out Escaldes and houses to their athletes and we can only manage a textbook violation. wow.

Thanks to E.T. for the story.


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