New Jersey Shore Acronyms

Season Two of Jersey Shore not only has brought drama but also new acronyms! As a law student with little to do before the start of the fall semester, let me guide you through the landmines, grenades, and confusing acronyms that were in last night’s episode of Jersey Shore, oddly titled “Creepin”. Here’s a list of what I remember…

GTL = Gym. Tan. Laundry.

GFZ= Grenade Free Zone

DTF= Down To Fuck

MVP= Mikey, Vinny, Pauly (Used when they want to go out clubbing/creeping without the girls)

IFF= I’m Fucked Foundation (See Ronnie)

GFF= Grenade Free Foundation

It’s hard to believe that these people so busy they can’t take the time to utter complete phrases? It’s not like the sentences they do manage to eke out are much more complex. Also, I kinda love the “shirt before the shirt” idea.


4 Responses to “New Jersey Shore Acronyms”

  1. DTF means down to fuck

  2. Omg thanks for that clarification. I thought I was losing my effing mind

  3. What the fuck is jbk?

  4. what does dde mean

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