You Know You Are A 3L When…

I have recently attained “3L” and it has become apparent to me that the attitude of a 3L is very different than that of a 2L or 1L. Thus, you know you are a 3L when….

  • You have to check with the registar’s office five minutes before class to see where your class is actually located
  • You buy your books after classes have already started
  • You find 1L’s walking in the hallway as annoying as knats without brains pertually bothering you
  • You drop classes because theres a mandatory curve and grade instead of credit/ nc
  • Eight out of your 14 units are pass/no pass
  • You have to ask people entering various classrooms what they are going in there for
  • You are unsure what time your class even starts
  • You think that working a full time externship is preferable to any class
  • You spend the second day of school tanning/getting ice cream instead of reading
  • You plan your class schedule around the spin instructor you like
  • You know where you are pregaming for the first bar night before you step foot into your first class
  • You debate whether or not you really need to purchase any books since you probably won’t read them anyways
  • You can name at least 5 people  who have the effect of nails on a chalkboard to you when they raise their hands in class
  • You have to ask your professors without fail to repeat the question at least once when getting called on because gchat has officially taken precedence over paying any sort of attention in class
  • You find 2Ls even more annoying than 1Ls because they have stopped being afraid of you as an upperclassman and mistakenly think they are the shit
  • It’s no longer casually throw out in conversation that you finished 3 MSJs at work today because have finally realized it’s not impressing anyone
  • You roll your eyes when people use archaic language in conversation. Anything that sounds similar to hereto, herewith, wherefore, etc
  • You’ve stopped using soda cups to hide beer in class and have resorted to just hiding the bottle under your seat
  • You focus has switched from actually practicing law to finding a wealthy student to marry and pay off your debt
  • You dream of dropping out of school every hour to move to the EU to avoid paying off your loans because you know they won’t garnish your wages for failure to pay, but question whether this would be a smart idea given that the majority of EU states are failing and it may collapse soon.  However, if you ever wanted to come back, you could just move to Spain  for awhile first and use the money they pay immigrants to leave to pay off your loans. (HERE FOR EXPLAINATION)

BIG Shout out to every 3L who helped me compile this list.


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