Jersey Shore: The Ho Equation

The Ho Equation

Last night’s episode featured Angelina banging Vinny after the two were bickering for a week at each other, which gave the Situation an opportunity explain on television that Angelina has proved the “Ho Equation.”  Here’s a breakdown of equation:

A girl gets romanced by a nice a guy (like Jose), but won’t put out with him. An asshole treats her like the “Staten Island Dump”  and she ends up banging him instead of the nice guy.

Why does this happen? Girls are generally insecure and they feel good about themselves when an asshole makes a move on them. They could be looking for approval because they have parental issues or maybe there’s even a thrill to banging a guy who’s got some edge to him.  However, as displayed last night, they don’t respect guys who treat them too well. On another note, last night’s episode overall was great!


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