Are You a Law Student In Need of a Suit?

Are a law student in need of a classy, custom-fit suit? Do you find yourself scrambling at the last minute to find a proper suit for OCI. Well, I have found a solution for you! makes custom-fitted, under-$500 get-ups that’re tailored to your measurements by non-sweatshop stitching pros in China and shipped to you in 2-3 weeks, also the exact amount of time it takes the 49ers to take it in the pants for the season. You’ll choose from one of 44 classic suit fabrics (like B&W Herringbone, Charcoal Stripe, Essential Black) and eight interior liners, then make the call on the number of buttons, types of vents, style of lapels, pick stitching, and whether or not you want trouser pleats and cuffs, or as T.I. prefers to call them “reminder braceletz”. Once your suit’s customized, it’s time to make it custom-fitted by typing in 20 different measurements that’ll take 15 minutes to procure and’ll include everything from knee to neck and BOOM you have yourself a suit that will get you that dream job you have always wanted!


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