Best Status Update in Law School Class. Ever.

We’ve all been there. You are bored in class so you decide to update your facebook status. Well today, I came across the best law school status update I’ve ever seen. It’s from a friend who attends Santa Clara Law School.

The original post:

My professor pooped his pants. Literally. After a quick clean-up, he is back to lecturing. What a champ!”

Obviously, others quickly asked for a clarification, so the student further commented:

I’m in Evidence, and the prof is lecturing as usual. Suddenly he has the class take a 5 minute break and he leaves the room. When he comes back, he says “Well that’s embarrassing, in all the years I’ve been teaching, this is the first time I shit my pants.” Then says something about cleaning it up and now his pants are wet and dives right back into lecturing. I dunno how you come back from that. I’m still recovering.

It remains unclear whether it was a shart or whether he actually shit himself.


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