Naughty Things You Can Only Say on Christmas

  1. Santa’s pole is pointed north
  2. Come over and play with my elf?
  3. Santa’s elf is waiting
  4. Do you want to come down my chimney?
  5. Want to lick my candy cane?
  6. I have a present for you…two lumps of coal
  7. I got the biggest package!
  8. I saved the biggest package for you
  9. Should i bring over some eggnog?
  10. Come jingle my sleigh bells?
  11. Just unwrapped your package
  12. All she wanted was a white christmas
  13. Don’t play with santa’s sac
  14. Polish my ornaments
  15. I’m going to make it reign all over you deer
  16. Have you been naughty or nice?
  17. I have a beautiful tree for you. where would you like me to stick it?
  18. Ho ho ho!

Merry Christmas! And thanks to B.C. for the suggestions.


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