World Championships = Less Crime. Fact.

According the SF Gate:

An eight-grader at St. Philip School in SF has come up with this finding based on her research for a science fair: Thefts of cars and auto break-ins went down in San Francisco last fall while the Giants were marching their way through the playoffs to their World Series crown.

The student went on the city Police Department’s computerized crime data site, crunched comparisons of October 2009 and October 2010 and found that car thefts and auto burglaries dipped significantly last year when the hometown baseball heroes were doing their thong-panda-beard thing.

The ebullience from the championship, she theorizes, was directly responsible for the drop in auto thefts from about 320 in October 2009 to about 220 in October 2010, and in car burglaries from about 900 in October 2009 to about 600 in October 2010.

Her research also showed that personal theft, robbery and arson totals stayed about the same as ’09 levels for the month or went down. Same reason, she wrote.

“I believe that street crime went down in October 2010 because the San Francisco Giants were in the National League Division Series, the National League Championship Series, and then, the World Series during that month,” Ella opined.

“A likely interpretation is that auto theft and auto burglary went down because there were more people on the street walking to and from bars or restaurants, standing outside between innings, or celebrating. Because of this presence on the street, people had less opportunity to break into or steal cars.”

It’s a safe guess that most eighth-graders don’t pore over city theft records, or come up with theories involving foot traffic at bars where they obviously can’t do any first-hand research. But Ella’s teachers said they’re not surprised that she did.

It’s an interesting hypothesis, and of course there are so many other possible reasons why crime went down, but the facts remain.

The Giants won and crime went down. San Francisco Win.


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