Quotes for Spring Semester 2011

Check out some of the more interesting quotes uttered by USF law professors during class this semester:

Entertainment & Media

-“Mischief, thou art now afoot.” -Student 1.25

-“Aren’t we your favorite class?” -Student “Top three or four…” -Prof 3.29

-“If you like mai tai’s, he’s your man.” -Prof, introducing guest speaker 4.5


-“I call it quotation quilt. No one else likes it, so it hasn’t caught on.” -Prof 2.8

-“Bell bottoms, blue jeans, other pants.” -Prof 3.1

-“I do this all the time. For a moment, I didn’t realize what year I was in.” -Prof 3.15

-“Can’t teach with pictures of butts.” -Prof 4.7

-“We are creativity… and we are the world.” -Prof 4.19


-“Evian, it tastes kind of slippery.” Prof 1.13

-“Never seen a velvet elvis? That’s just not right.” 1.25

-“Sound f, then note g, then I don’t kno what comes after that. I’m not a musician” Prof 1.27

-“This is both very powerful and meaningless.” -Prof 2.6

– “Do you guys know what VCR’s are?” -Prof 2.8

-“Next hypo: Yarn smells like plumaria blossoms. Trademarkable?” -Prof 2.14

-“Appalachian Log. I’m not sure why I’m chuckling.” – Prof 3.1

-“Arkansas is where it’s at. …Nobody says that.” –Prof 3.7

International Crim

-“Don’t think, use law.” -Prof 3.29

-“Anyone? Anyone take anything in law school? At all?” -Prof 1.20

-“Torture, I know it when I see it. Or feel it.” -Prof. 2.9

-“Writing torture memos is a good way to get ahead, if you’re looking for work.” -Prof 2.10

-“Do all clowns wear floppy shoes and red noses?” -Prof 2.24

-“Thats probably not why, but I like it.” -Prof 3.1

-“Matt, is it an armed conflict?” -Prof “Hillary knows.” -Matt .1

-“They could do something… thats not… totally… illegal.” -Prof 3.15

-“We gotta bomb mexico out of existence. Get down to business.” -Prof 3.17

-“Thats not what’s going on. At least not in my world.” -Prof 4.5

-“The world is getting bad, but lets just end it all. Get the children.” -Prof 4.5

-“I think thats more psychological” -Mark “..ly torture?” -Prof 4.19


2 Responses to “Quotes for Spring Semester 2011”

  1. Heidi Urness Says:

    I think some creative credit is appropriate here!!!

  2. Take advantage of heidis quote wall for this post plz.

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