The Good, The Bad, and the BarBri

Getting your post-graduate education force fed to you in thirty-five 4-hour long classes is bad enough, but having to endure a whole new crop of students really pours salt in the wound. Though I’m sure every law school has a group of insufferable ego monsters, Barbri found a way to unearth some real county-fair blue ribbon winners in my class. They are often hard to detect until class begins and then once it does you are perilously trapped in their surrounds having to endure their awfulness.

For those of you who have any idea what kind of person I am talking about… I know, and I am sorry – it is a nessesary evil to this profession. But for those of you who may find yourself one day in a Barbri class somewhere you can better know, spot, and avoid these types with these easy to follow illustrations:



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