5 Signs You’re A Stage 5 Clinger

Most male law students hate Stage 5 Clingers in law school and it’s difficult to hold this against them — clinginess is annoying and, in some relationships, can be exhausting for both parties. Of course, women aren’t the only ones who get clingy; men can be quite clingy as well, and it’s every bit as much of a turn off. Therefore, this article isn’t being written as a guide for females; it’s a guide for anyone who finds themselves acting in this manner. If you’ve been called a Stage 5 clinger, take a look at the list below; if any of that sounds like you, you’re probably a Stage 5 Clinger

1. You ALWAYS call him or her first — and you call ALL the time.

Sometimes before you’ve even gotten out of bed in the morning. And then loads of other times during the school day. The love of your life can’t call you first, because you always beat them to it. Not to mention, you call them so frequently that they could guess it was you calling and be right 98% of the time. Yo — you’re obsessed. Put the phone down for 5 minutes and open your law books!

2. You have no life of your own

Do you spend every bit of your free time outside of law school with your man? Do you spend most of your day thinking about your next date with your woman rather than preparing that outline you need to do? Do you put your law school friends and hobbies on hold unless your man announces that he’s going out with the boys? Unless you’ve just met this person and are riding that “new love” high, you’re being clingy. And obsessed.

3. You’re constantly worried about getting dumped.

Insecurity is at the heart of a Stage 5 Clinger, so if you’re experiencing this one, you need to think about why. It’s this fear that makes you want to constantly be around the other person, so you can reassure yourself that they are still there and haven’t dumped you. If you are more insecure about your relationship than your law school classes, you may be a stage 5 clinger!

4. You’re willing to be bored out of your mind just to spend time with them.

If he tells you that he’ll be spending the weekend reading for his law school classes and won’t be able to talk much, do you then ask if you can drop by to watch him read it? Or maybe you’re more clever than that; maybe you just offer to clean his watch so you can watch him without seeming as obsessed as you apparently are.

5. You’re not happy on the inside.

Being Stage 5 Clinger is a big mix of insecurity, obsession and other self-esteem issues. Men and women who are clingy are rarely happy for more than the initial few moments when they see the person they’re obsessing over, because they immediately start to worry about how they’re going to feel when the date is over.


3 Responses to “5 Signs You’re A Stage 5 Clinger”

  1. I met a 30 year old woman (I’m 25), after 20 min. of talk she decides to take me to her apartment. We didn’t have sex cause I was amazed of how much we had in common that I didn’t want to ruin the moment, she was drunk I wasn’t. 2 days later I took her to a restaurant and again she was awesome, this time she was sober. 2 days later she takes me out from work, she want’s to go to my place but I said no, instead we went to her apartment, I stayed there from 3pm till 9pm. Again it was awesome for both of us, as I was driving home she texted me sayin I was wonderful. We haven’t had sex yet. A week later I asked her out she declined, same thing next week. I’ve been trying to figure out what happened and she calls me a 5 stage clinger. Somebody please explain to me what happened. What did I do wrong.

  2. Dude…she probablly wanted you to bone her and you missed your opportunity both times. She’s moved on…probablly found someone else to hook up with…

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