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Pepperdine Law School Flashmob

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Three Ridiculous Statistics about USF Law

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1. The current tuition for USF Law is about $40,464, excluding living expenses, making it one of the more expensive law schools in the country, despite the fact that it is ranked by US News in bottom 100 of all accredited law schools.

2. According to US News, USF Law students graduate on average with a whopping $124,982 in loans, placing them in the top 10th percentile of indebtedness among all law school graduates.

3. For the fiscal 2009 year, the school paid its dean Jeffrey Brand $329,340 in total compensation, while also paying in total compensation Professors Jack Garvey, Ronald Micon, Julie Nice and Steven Shatz between $254,015 and $277,108.

Fucking Joke.

Anger Managment

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2011 USF Law T-Shirt Contest Review

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Below are a few submissions for the upcoming USF Law T-Shirt contest. While some are interesting, others are extremely boring. Check them out below.

No. 1 Why is the U bigger? SF isn’t Miami. Or better yet,  what’s with the new diamond thingy T-Shirt

No. 2 The T-shirt that if made, will make ZERO profit

No. 3 The Guaranteed Never to Win a Contest Ever T-shirt

No. 4 The Definition of Boring T-Shirt. The SF skyline is the best you could do?

No. 5 Intriguing, but It looks like tire treads attached to a gavel T-shirt.

No. 6 The Jersey Shore T-Shirt. Absolutely Ridiculous

No. 7 The Truly Uncreative I ♥ ___ Shirt

No. 8 The I’m going to write USF Law in Two Fonts T-shirt

No. 9 The Connect Four T-shirt

Click HERE for the full contest. Vote by Friday, October 14!

Extremely Nerdy Cat / Science Joke

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Battle Shots is the New Beer Pong

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Game night just got a little more interesting.

The game is called Battle Shots and appears to be best played in a winter hat and pajama pants. All you need to get started is some cardboard and a lot of shot glasses.

The idea that alcohol can improve a board game has a long and proud history. Trivial pursuit is insanely competitive after a round of drinks. I haven’t played Jenga sober in a decade and I’ll always associate dice with cheap domestic beer. Checkers was recently reinvented with shot glasses, although I can’t see how you could even make it through a single game, let alone be able to say the word, “rematch.”

Any board game with rules can ostensibly be transformed into a drinking game. Any negative move (your piece is taken or sent back to the beginning) calls for a drink. Any positive move (you pass GO, your checkers piece is crowned) allows you to assign a drink.

Alcohol may be the only way you can actually get through a game of Monopoly or Risk. And every game of Battleship is no different, it typically ends in tears or a board being swept off the table. But with a Michelob Ultra on the line, it would suddenly matter after two hours if you land on Park Place or manage to establish a foothold in Europe.

Just remember the best strategy in Battle Shots is the same as in Battleship and ALWAYS assume your opponent is moving his pieces between guesses.