Battle Shots is the New Beer Pong

Game night just got a little more interesting.

The game is called Battle Shots and appears to be best played in a winter hat and pajama pants. All you need to get started is some cardboard and a lot of shot glasses.

The idea that alcohol can improve a board game has a long and proud history. Trivial pursuit is insanely competitive after a round of drinks. I haven’t played Jenga sober in a decade and I’ll always associate dice with cheap domestic beer. Checkers was recently reinvented with shot glasses, although I can’t see how you could even make it through a single game, let alone be able to say the word, “rematch.”

Any board game with rules can ostensibly be transformed into a drinking game. Any negative move (your piece is taken or sent back to the beginning) calls for a drink. Any positive move (you pass GO, your checkers piece is crowned) allows you to assign a drink.

Alcohol may be the only way you can actually get through a game of Monopoly or Risk. And every game of Battleship is no different, it typically ends in tears or a board being swept off the table. But with a Michelob Ultra on the line, it would suddenly matter after two hours if you land on Park Place or manage to establish a foothold in Europe.

Just remember the best strategy in Battle Shots is the same as in Battleship and ALWAYS assume your opponent is moving his pieces between guesses.

17 Responses to “Battle Shots is the New Beer Pong”

  1. pretty much the most epic drinking game i’ve seen in a while. excellent find.

  2. Pre-order your own Battle shots here:

  3. Find the official Battle Shots!™ board game at also follow us @BattleShots and like for a discount code.

    Get Bombed!™

  4. John W in St. Paul Says:

    I first saw “Checkers for shots” on an episode of M*A*S*H. Hawkeye and Trapper play checkers with shot glasses.

    Season 2, Episode 22, “George”

    We’ve done it with Jagermeister vs. Permafrost. You can get through about 2 rounds. Don’t play “speed checkers.”

    • thank you im good at checkers i can finally bet my dad (At Who ever gets drunk first loses):D I suck at Quarters

  5. Colleen Vue Says:

    Where could I get this?

  6. SexAndWaffles Says:

    This is now on my To-Do list. Anyone near Phoenix want to join? We can set up a tournament! On second thought, maybe that’s not such a great idea…

  7. Jack of Hearts Says:

    Ok so the link is to the damn board game. F that. I want the outside game as displayed in the picture.

  8. Where can you buy the ships at?

  9. it shouldnt be that hard to make one like in the picture, when you are sober

  10. Im in the process of making a 6ft folding battleshots table made from a box spring frame, 4 legs held on by bolts and wingnuts, a 6ft piece of cardboard that gets stapled on top, and ill make a barrier from some plywood and 2x4s. Pics soon to come

  11. Philomena Says:

    Very good post. I am going through some of these issues as well.

  12. This photo is the one that started it all… Want to check out the successor which is even slightly bigger? Head on over to and you won’t be disappointed.

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