2011 USF Law T-Shirt Contest Review

Below are a few submissions for the upcoming USF Law T-Shirt contest. While some are interesting, others are extremely boring. Check them out below.

No. 1 Why is the U bigger? SF isn’t Miami. Or better yet,  what’s with the new diamond thingy T-Shirt

No. 2 The T-shirt that if made, will make ZERO profit

No. 3 The Guaranteed Never to Win a Contest Ever T-shirt

No. 4 The Definition of Boring T-Shirt. The SF skyline is the best you could do?

No. 5 Intriguing, but It looks like tire treads attached to a gavel T-shirt.

No. 6 The Jersey Shore T-Shirt. Absolutely Ridiculous

No. 7 The Truly Uncreative I ♥ ___ Shirt

No. 8 The I’m going to write USF Law in Two Fonts T-shirt

No. 9 The Connect Four T-shirt

Click HERE for the full contest. Vote by Friday, October 14!


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