10 Things Shorter than Waiting for CA Bar Results

Kim Kardashian’s recent  72 day marriage and the subsequent popular twitter hashtag #ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage, lead me to think about the relationship between time and bar results, and how absurdly long California law student have to wait. This year, it will take 113 days for someone who took the July 2010 exam to get their results on November 18th! That’s almost 4 months! Thus, without further ado here’s my top 10 #ThingsShorterThanCABarResults.

10. 2011 NBA playoffs – 57 Days.

The playoffs lasted almost half of the time that a law school student waits for their bar results. Interesting to know that the California bar exam results takes twice as long for NBA to determine a league Champion. Now that’s Endurance!

9. The Falklands War – 42 Days.

The Falklands war was fought in 1982 between Argentina and the United Kingdom over the disputed Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. The Falkland Islands consist of two large and many small islands in the South Atlantic Ocean east of Argentina, and their name and ownership have long been disputed. The war was triggered by the occupation of South Georgia by Argentina on 19 March 1982 followed by the occupation of the Falklands, and ended when Argentina surrendered on 14 June 1982.

8. President William Henry Harrison’s Term in Office – 32 Days.

He only served one month, from March 4 until April 4, 1841. He was the first president to die in office and he would not have gotten his bar results during his time as U.S. president either.

7. Circumnavigating  the Globe – 50 Days.

Bruno Peyron of France circumnavigated the globe from January to March 2005, for a total of  50 days 16 hours 20 minutes 4 seconds. That means he could have circled the globe TWICE in this boat and still not have gotten his results. Absurd.

6. Walking Across the United States – 81 Days.

Mark Baumer was 26 years old when he walked from Tybee Island, GA to the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica, CA, going through GA, AL, MS, LA, TX, NM, AZ, and CA. He left on May 10, 2010 and finished eighty-one days later on July 29, 2010.  That would be quite the post bar vacation!

5. Flying to the Moon and Back to Earth – 5 Days.

The Apollo 13 astronauts were launched April 11th 1970 at 2:13 pm from the Kennedy Space Centre. They flew around the Moon and landed in the Pacific Ocean April 17th 1:07:41 pm. It took them 5 days, 22 hours, 54 minutes to fly to the Moon and back to the Earth. That means someone could theoretically travel to the moon and back over 17 times while they wait for their bar results.

4. Time to Build a Rolls Royce – 105 Days.

Rolls Royce Motor Cars are manufactured via a “bespoke” process on a mechanized and computerized assembly line, but most of this process of putting the components together are done by hand. A RR engine is put together usually by one person and by hand. It takes approximately three and a half months from order and deposit to delivery depending on production priorities.

3. Time it took Google+ to Reach 20 Million Users – 24 Days.

Whilst there’s little doubt that Google+’s growth is impressive, it’s probably also worth noting that it did have a considerable head-start on both Twitter and Facebook, which were both starting from scratch. Also, imagine how many users it will gain while someone will wait for their bar results in 113 days!

2. The Number of  Days in the Movie Groundhog Day – 42 Days.

I love the film Groundhog Day and there are widely conflicting reports of how long Phil Conners was trapped in the time loop. However, in the film there are 42 accountable days in the film. I guess if you were stuck in that time warp, you still wouldn’t know whether you passed the California bar.

1. Kim Kardashian’s Marriage to Kris Humphries – 72 Days.

The marriage that inspired this post also is no. 1 on this list. Who knew you could get married and divorce all while you wait for your bar exam results to come back!


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