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Six Superpowers Every Law School Student Wants

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It’s a classic hypothetical. Which superpower would you have? It’s a tough choice because there are plenty of powers out there to make the law student experience so much easier. How about the Wolverine-like ability to make highlighters come out of your hands?

Okay, maybe not that one. But here are six superpower’s every law school student would want:
1. Super Memory
Imagine this: you go to a class or read your textbook and that information just stays in your head. All of it. No cramming for exams, no rifling through your notes. Incredible.

2. Speed
Awesome speed would not only help you to get your assignments done quicker, it would mean that you would literally be able to run to uni faster than public transport could get you there – a lifesaver for submitting last minute essays. If you’d rather be Superman than the Flash, flying would also cut down that pesky commute to class.

3. Invisibility
Although not very helpful from a study point of view, if you ever found yourself saying something silly in class, you would actually be able to turn invisible and avoid some of the embarrassment.
4. Time Travel
Reading cases can get very dry. What if you could travel back in time and listen to the judgment being handed down? It would surely be better than reading the judgment.

5. Superhuman Strength
This may not serve you well in class or on assignments, but some superhuman strength, possessed by the likes of Thing, Superman, and pretty much all superheroes, would sure be helpful for carrying all those books home from the library.
6. Extreme multitasking
Imagine being able to read two pages of a book at once. Or write two pages of an essay simultaneously (just put a pen in each hand). Extreme multitasking skills would mean you’d get the work done sooner and you could get back to the important things, like your new scrapbooking obsession, a whole lot quicker.



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USF Law School: July 2011 California Bar Results

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The students of graduating class of 2011 from the University of San Francisco Law School recently got their bar results back for the July 2011 California Bar Exam and I am happy to report that 74% of first time students who sat for the examination passed!

Below is a historical perspective of how USF Law Students have fared on the California Bar Exam since 2008:

February 2011
FIRST-TIMERS                    REPEATERS
Took   Pass     %Pass                   Took   Pass     %Pass
18          9            50                        40       24           60

July 2010
FIRST-TIMERS                     REPEATERS
Took   Pass     %Pass                   Took   Pass     %Pass
146      111          76                       25          8         32

February 2010
FIRST-TIMERS                     REPEATERS
Took   Pass     %Pass                   Took   Pass     %Pass
23        13           57                         39       20          51

July 2009
FIRST-TIMERS                     REPEATERS
Took   Pass     %Pass                   Took   Pass     %Pass
165      134         81                          31       10         32

February 2009
FIRST-TIMERS                     REPEATERS
Took   Pass     %Pass                   Took   Pass     %Pass
15          7             47                       34         17         50

July 2008
FIRST-TIMERS                     REPEATERS
Took   Pass     %Pass                   Took   Pass     %Pass
199      174        87                          32       14          44

February 2008
FIRST-TIMERS                     REPEATERS
Took   Pass     %Pass                   Took   Pass     %Pass
14           10          71                        38       19           50

*All statistical data derived from Cal Bar Website

Who Belongs to the California State Bar

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Trickum Legis In 2011

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for my blog:

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 54,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 20 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.