Battle Shots Review

I recently was able to get my hands on the new and exciting Battle Shots drinking game developed by the official Battle Shots company. Since playing the game a few times, I’d like to provide my personal review of the drinking game using several factors: ease of use, durability, drinkability, and overall level of fun that the game provides on a scale of 1 to 5. Here goes nothing:

1. EASE OF USE = 5 out of 5.

  • As you can see below the game comes fully equipped with shot glasses, pens for keeping track of hits and misses and two battleship-like looking board pieces that we had to put together to create the drinking game.
  • The board’s easily set into place above where the shot glasses without a problem and the shot glasses easily fit within their designated areas as well.
  • As for the game’s instructions, they were pretty clear and straightforward. It should be noted:
    • 3 shot glasses together = Carrier
    • 2 shot glasses together = Destroyer (you had two of these)
    • 1 shot glass = Submarine
  • See the picture below for everything included:

2. DURABILITY = 4 out 5.

  • The shots glasses were made of plastic and were fairly sturdy. However, during a party these could easily get lost or even broken, especially for the sloppy frat boy. However, the best part about the game board is that regular shot glasses or even dixie cups actually FIT in the designated places on the grid. Pretty Cool Stuff.
  • The part that you record your score was made of a shiny/eraser-friendly cardboard. I would have preferred something more sturdy, but it got the job done.
  • Cleaning and washing everything wasn’t a problem either.

3. DRINKABILITY = 10 of 5

  • During each game, each player is given 8 shots to drink. I also measured each shot glass, it is exactly 1 oz. So if you were using hard alcohol, this game is a pretty intense pre-game since it takes only between 15 and 20 minutes to play one game. However, if you were drinking a mixed beverage of sorts, or a beer (as seen in the picture below), you can drink and play many more games without falling over.
BattleShots with Beer

BattleShots with Beer


For the amount of money that the game costs and the amount of fun that you could potentially have while playing this game it is worth every penny. Here are some pros and cons I thought of to playing BattleShots:

  • PROS
    • Great pre-game! Playing two games and losing is 16 shots in roughly less than a hour.
    • It’s like Battleship with booze.  What can be better?
  • CONS
    • If you play with hard liquor, don’t plan on doing anything afterwards.

Where Can You Buy This Game?

  • Check out and you can purchase it directly from that site.

Game Suggestions For the Future

  • Play with more people, obviously.  It helps to not only have more friends in general, but in this game it would be nice to play on teams such as beer pong.
  • A bigger board that allowed for boats, or possibly to just play with solo cups of beer such as beer pong.

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