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Another Facebook Reality

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After watching this mashup it seems pretty obvious “Avatar” was a beat for beat rip off of “Pocahantas” (“Pocahantas in Space,” if you will).  It’s really quite remarkable how similar these films are. This video reeks of amazing copyright infringement, enjoy!

An Open (face)Book

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Well, if your Facebook profile is public, that means you’re bound to be on Openbook, a search site that scans FB status updates for key words and displays the results. It’s angled to find updates that shouldn’t be so public, like “I cheated,” “I’m drunk,” and “don’t tell anyone.” You can even “like” Openbook. Are you checking your profile settings yet?

5 iPhone Apps For Law School That Need To Happen

Posted in Law, Technology on April 19, 2010 by George

Professor Near Alert Alarm

  • This alarm would alert you when a law school professor is lurking nearby in class. This app would cause your iphone to vibrate in your pocket signaling for you beware that a teacher is nearby. With this app everyone will know when to get off Facebook or Gchat and start paying attention in class.

Dollar Menu Combination Generator

  • This app is for the suddenly frugal law student who spent all their loan money within the first three weeks of the semester. It asks how much money you have and creates different combination’s at  various fast food dollar menus, allowing you to maximize your options. It even allows you to mix and match from different restaurants so you can have those 2 apple pies from McDonalds with that 5 dollar box from Taco Bell without worrying whether have enough money for both.

Brief  Citation Checker

  • This app does exactly what it’s title says it does, it checks your briefs and memo’s for citation errors. Invest in this app and gone are the days of memorizing the archaic rules that govern legal citation.

Drunk o’ Meter

  • This app measures, using various variables (including a typing and knowledge test), how drunk the person using the app is. This could range from, “Wow, that one drink made me sleepy” to “It’s my first time in Vegas and I don’t  remember any of my bad decisions drunk.” Thus, while it’s no breathalyzer but it should be accurate enough to tell you when you should not drive home, thus ensuring that there are no blemishes on your application of Moral Character when you apply to be a lawyer.

Law School Goggles Identifier

  • This app allows someone to upload a picture of a fellow law school student to identify whether or not they have fallen victim to having a case of law school goggles. This is a symptom that law school students develop when  they find themselves attracted to people that they would never have been attracted to in the real world. this usually happens very early into their first semester of law school. This app is brutally honest and will hold nothing back.

Google is a Buzz’n

Posted in Law, Technology on February 9, 2010 by George

Google Buzz launched today as Google’s own social network version of Facebook. Based within Google Profiles, Buzz offers a stream of status updates, pictures, links, and videos from your friends. You can “like” these items and you can comment on them. For those of you who don’t have enough social networking sites to distract you, then this product is just for you!

Facebook 101

Posted in Law, Technology on January 25, 2010 by George

Here are 3 Facebook privacy settings every law student entering the legal profession should know and apply to their Facebook page. Unless, of course you want you future employer being able to witness you doing things like THIS online.